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Submit URLs to Google Fetch

When your site is ready, there are certain important steps that need to be taken (along with SEO) to ensure your website’s success. Using Webmaster Tools can lead you to website domination.

If your website isn't in Google's index, it won't be able to be found when a user makes a search. Google needs to know that your site exists to be able to crawl it and include it in its index.

There is a good chance that you have just used the Inspect a URL tool to check whether or not your URL is in Google's index. Perhaps the quickest way to get your URL in Google's index is to do so through this tool.

When submitting individual URLs, Google have a maximum limit of 50 submissions per week; when submitting URLs with all linked pages, the limit is 10 submissions per month. 

UPTI SEO Team can Boost indexing regularly 

By paying monthly fees of Rs. 2400 (USD 32 $) per site, We can submit your URL regular basic. 

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