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  • Category :  SEO case Study

Date :       25 June, 2018

Project Brief:

More visitors on your site means more impressions, more signups, more purchases - more revenue.

But how do you capture more traffic from search results that are becoming more crowded, more diverse, and evolving in the way they are delivered?

With SEO, of course!

Today, I want to share a process we've developed for our clients to earn links and visibility, and to increase web traffic for our clients. I'm going to walk through how we built a site's SEO strategy from the ground up - growing from zero visitors to 100,000 - and share key takeaways that you can apply to your own strategy.
The general outline of our strategy was:

  • Start slow and take advantage of "easy wins." Focus on securing a handful of strategic links to important pages.
  • Establish passive link acquisition channels to build momentum. Be intentional about content creation and its impact on search.
  • Level up over time, and target higher-value opportunities.

Step - 1 

1. Starting slow with a new site

At the beginning, we focused on opportunities with low competition and decent traffic value. We used SEMrush to determine traffic value and manual research to gauge competition. Examining the search engine results pages (SERPs). Finding results with these types of pages would give us confidence that we could easily build something searchers would prefer.

Once we identified potential opportunities, we built best-in-class content targeting those specific SERPs. By building content that would best answer searcher intent and needs, we set our pages up to be successful in the SERPs.

we learned that you only need to execute on a select handful of these opportunities to be successful with bottom-of-the-funnel pages.

Step - 2

Establish passive link acquisition channels

Link acquisition is a manual process that is ongoing, forever. Because securing links is so difficult - and we knew we needed links to grow traffic - we sought to establish passive link acquisition channels to amplify all our link-building efforts.

Part of our content strategy was to use high-quality, original photography, and this provided a perfect opportunity to attract passive links.

Creating useful content for your audience is always a sound strategy, but you can take it a step further by being intentional and strategic about the content you publish. We maintained a relentless focus on SEO - creating every page with search, and the opportunities available to us, in mind.

Step - 3

Leveling up over time

We recognized our site was building momentum, and after six months of work, we started to raise expectations. We began to target more competitive spaces (which we avoided at the start), and because we had built a strong foundation, we were successful.

We established a solid baseline of authority and trust with our site, giving us the ability to compete for higher-value terms. Seeing early returns, we began taking even bigger bets on the content we created - not only investing in original design and photography but also adding interactive elements such as custom tools and video.

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